The label

The label aims to establish sustainable "wearable couture" with a focus on selected fabrics, timeless designs and high standards of comfort and aesthetics. With a clear statement against fast fashion, the label advocates for more respect for design craftsmanship, the raw materials and the work that goes into a single garment. Founded in November 2018, the first Capsule Collection was released in 2019 and already in 2020, with the second Capsule, the label and designer Helene Galwas was awarded the New Faces Award as Best Fashion Designer 2020. Helene Galwas and Katja Popp are the brains behind the young fashion label "Helene Galwas". The two have been friends for over 12 years and complement each other perfectly. Helene makes, after various international stations as a designer, in her studio in Hanover for over 10 years custom-made for their customers and is therefore the creative head of the label. Katja comes from the start-up sector and has already helped many companies with their foundation and takes over the operational set-up.

The collection

The collections are lovingly handcrafted in our own prototype workshop and then, after an intensive design process, manufactured in Poland by our production partner according to strict European standards. The focus is on the highest premium quality, changeability and innovative cuts. New fabrics, such as vegan fabrics, are experimented with and put into a modern context. All prints originate from the designer's own pen. The collection is made for women with an individual sense of style, who need to be highly flexible in their everyday life: In the morning they take the little ones to kindergarten, from the office job they go directly to the sports and in the evening they put themselves fashionably in scene on a lifestyle event.

Our philosophy

We do not see ourselves obliged to produce 8-10 collections a year, so we deliberately focus on 2 capsule collections per year, which are well thought out and convince with timeless design without neglecting trend accents. The capsule collection overcomes the established boundaries between casual, business or evening style - and thus gives its customers a whole new freedom. Our credo: "Fashion is to wear and accompany life, not to throw away!"

Helene und Katja

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