"DOLCE VITA" - Fresh elegance meets sustainability

"DOLCE VITA" our summer collection transports you to the inspiring atmosphere of Lake Garda and radiates a mixture of freshness and modernity. The sustainable collection is based on high-quality fabrics from Portugal and Italy, presented in refreshing colors such as white, yellow, medium blue and light blue. Bold accents in turquoise and Mediterranean blue lend the collection additional vibrancy. Beige and light gray add timeless elegance. Versatility is achieved through the clever combination of plain fabrics and striped patterns.

A central concern of the collection is sustainability, which is achieved by consciously selecting fabrics from manufacturers with leading sustainability certificates. The Reborn line uses fabric remnants and follows the "Circular Fabric Standard" to minimize waste and use resources efficiently. Production extends across Hanover, Poland, Portugal and now Italy for denim.

Multifunctionality and the blurring of boundaries between casual, business and evening styles are further focal points in this collection by Helene Galwas. Overall, the "DOLCE VITA" summer collection presents itself as a successful combination of style, sustainability and versatility that captures the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle.