Emanuela and Elfriede: a German-Irish love story


The Emanuela sweater and the Elfriede maxi vest are made from strictly limited ultra-soft slow fashion Merino fleece from Ireland.

The inventor is a German who has lived on the Irish coast for many years. There she runs a small textile workshop where she makes the fleece by hand. The production quantity is very limited, Helene Galwas finally got the contract and was able to produce the two exclusive and limited parts. The fleece is dyed exclusively with natural dyes and milled by hand. 

The sweater and vest are made of 100% Merino Fleece, which is an absolute exception. Usually, a synthetic component is processed alongside the natural product. The products are ultra soft, very warm and yet very light, which is unusual for wool fabrics. And the list of advantages is even longer: The material is hypoallergenic and therefore very skin-friendly, temperature-regulating and antibacterial. This makes it nothing less than the natural answer to highly functional outdoor clothing.