Fashion Brunch at Helene Galwas

Seefeld – The sustainable luxury label Helene Galwas and the Munich celebrity stylist Oliver Rauh recently invited guests to a fashion brunch in the boutique in Seefeld Castle. “It was love at first sight with Helene and me! I just love power women! And then she also makes powerful, sustainable fashion for every occasion, as well as sustainable glam for the opera or the upcoming New Year's Eve party!" raved Rauh.

“Oli and we have a long friendship! He has supported us from the beginning and we love his beautiful fashion productions,” says Katja Popp, Co-CEO Helene Galwas.

Influencers and actors came to the fashion brunch

The who's who of the fashion industry was invited, such as style icon Rose Langenbein, friends of the house such as actresses Nele Kieper, Eva Maria Reichert and Eva-Maria Grein von Friedl as well as well-known Munich influencers such as Julia Haupt, Tiger Kirchharz and Jeanette Graf and members by Belladonna Munich.“I’ve known the Helene Galwas label for a long time! What really impresses me is the sustainability in production, especially the pieces from the “Reborn” collection, which are made from recycled materials, are very stylish.

The shop/showroom in Seefeld Castle is well worth seeing and almost like being on holiday, that’s because of the beautiful, idyllic location,” says Jeanette Graf. Tiger Kirchharz is also enthusiastic about the fashion and only has positive things to say: “I think it's great that the clothing is also unisex and you can combine the elegant, super cool with casual looks. There is something for every taste.”

Helene Galwas breaks down the boundaries between event, casual and business style with sustainable “wearable couture” - glam factor guaranteed!