Inka and Ina - one item two styles 🤎💙

We are pleased to be able to introduce you to a special highlight of our current capsule collection today: our wrap blouse “INKA” and the wrap dress “INA”. These timeless pieces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also focus on quality, versatility and conscious consumption. These two great pieces are available in Provence blue and light beige.

"INKA" features a unique wide flounced sleeve that can be gathered using an elastic band and a bow made from the same upper material. This elegant detail not only gives the blouse an additional dynamism, but also opens up the possibility of customizing your look as you wish. Whether you wear the sleeves loosely or stylishly gathered is entirely up to you. 


"INA" not only impresses with its loose design and the extravagant flounced sleeves, but also with the impressive versatility of the wearing options. The sleeves can also be individually gathered using the elastic band. This customizable feature opens up a wide range of wearing styles, making the dress an extremely versatile and convertible garment. Depending on your mood or occasion, the flounced sleeves can be styled however you like, giving the dress an additional dimension of individuality. This flexibility allows the look of "INA" to be varied depending on personal taste and requirements, making the dress an ideal choice for different situations.


At HELENE GALWAS we believe in sustainable fashion that not only looks good, but also makes a positive contribution to your lifestyle. With our capsule collections we focus on timeless designs, high-quality materials and the opportunity to integrate creativity into your everyday life. Instead of overfilling your wardrobe with countless items, you should choose just a few, but clever and high-quality pieces. “INKA” and “INA” were designed precisely with this in mind. Both pieces can be styled in many ways, but can also be combined harmoniously with many other items of clothing in your closet.


"INKA" and "INA" are waiting to become part of your capsule wardrobe - discover the timeless elegance in our online shop today!