Christmas time oh Christmas time

It is that time again, the christmas time has started. The first snow has fallen, the fir tree in the living room smells wonderful and we let the delicious cookies melt in our mouths. The fire crackles in front of the fireplace and the mulled wine warms our fingers.

To be well equipped for this time, we want to give you a little guide to the hand. So you can shine in every moment.

Advent Sunday in front of the fireplace:

- To be well dressed even on a cozy Advent Sunday, we recommend one of our jumpsuits made of 100% merino wool. With this you will look stylish, but still be comfortable and cozy.

Winter walk in the snow:

- Such a beautiful snowy walk in the snow, who could say no. However, it is important that you are wrapped up warm. For us style icons, however, this is not possible without looking top styled. Our absolute recommendation for this is our Puffer Coat Elin. It can withstand any snowstorm!

Christmas Party:

- To be able to shine at the Christmas party, we have THE highlight piece for you: our Caro suit in metallic look. Through the shimmering of the suit you draw all eyes on you!

Christmas Eve:

- Here we want to shine and make ourselves once again so really chic. Our green satin silk items are perfect for just that. The shiny fabric makes the whole look much more glamorous right away.

- For those who are not a fan of green, we of course have an alternative. Namely our festive article made of organza and chiffon silk. The sheer fabric makes it look equally evening appropriate.

If up to here still nothing were with it, we have still our "Festive Styles", with which for everyone something is with it.

Happy shopping and a wonderful holiday season,

wishes the Helene Galwas Team