Das Label Helene Galwas


Helene Galwas und Katja Popp

Helene Galwas und Katja Popp sind die Köpfe hinter dem jungen Modelabel „Helene Galwas“. Die beiden sind seit über 12 Jahren befreundet und ergänzen sich perfekt. Helene fertigt, nach verschiedenen internationalen Stationen als Designerin, in ihrem Atelier in Hannover seit über 10 Jahren Maßanfertigungen für ihre Kundinnen an und ist daher der kreative Kopf des Labels. Katja kommt aus dem Start-Up Bereich und hat schon vielen Firmen bei der Gründung geholfen und übernimmt den operativen Aufbau.

Our Philosophy

We don't feel obliged to produce 8-10 collections a year, which is why we consciously focus on 2 capsule collections per year that are well thought out and impress with their timeless design without neglecting trendy accents. The capsule collection overcomes the established boundaries between casual, business, or evening style-and thus gives its customers a whole new freedom. "Fashion is to be worn and accompanied by life, not thrown away!"

Against fast fashion

We want to establish sustainable "wearable couture" with a focus on selected fabrics, timeless designs and high standards of comfort and aesthetics. With a clear statement against fast fashion, the label advocates for more respect for design craftsmanship the raw materials and the work that goes into a single garment. Founded in November 2018, the first capsule collection was released in 2019 and in 2020, with the second capsule, the label and designer Helene Galwas were awarded the NEW FACES AWARD as best fashion designer 2020.

The Collection

The collections are lovingly handcrafted in our own prototype workshop and are then manufactured by our production partner according to strict European standards after an intensive design process in Poland. The focus is on the highest premium quality, versatility and innovative cuts. New materials, such as vegan materials, are experimented with and placed in a modern context. All prints come from the designer's own pen. The collection is made for women with an individual sense of style who need to be extremely flexible in their everyday lives.