Capsule Wardrobe

Minimalism – that’s what the so-called “capsule wardrobe” stands for. The goal is to clean out the closet and get by with only 37 items of clothing per quarter. The main thing is to only keep pieces that bring you joy and that can be easily combined. 

In a time when you can buy anything anytime, anywhere, it goes against our consumerist society to reduce your closet to just 37 items, but the “capsule wardrobe” has many advantages.

Since not only are there no uninspired searches in your overcrowded closet every day, but you also don't have to spend hours browsing through online shops or stores, you have a lot more time for things that you really enjoy.
Due to the limited selection, you might think that your own style would suffer, but on the contrary: you keep what you like and what suits you and thus develop an eye for what defines your own style. 
Plus, of course, you spend less money and do less laundry, so the capsule wardrobe is good for you and your planet.

Since Marie Kondo's book "Magic Cleaning", a real hype has broken out about the minimalist closet, which many stars, influencers, bloggers and reporters have tried out for themselves. Will you be one of them soon?

Evaluate your capsule wardrobe now with our mix and match items on: