Helene Galwa's new "REBORN" line is another step towards more sustainability in the entire value chain. The cool pieces are of timeless modern design that perfectly complement the actual SS or AW collections and form part of the overall concept of the sustainable design house. Here, the leftover fabrics from production are reprocessed or reworked in different ways so that a complete new look is created.

"Despite our sustainability claim and slow-fashion mentality, it also happens in our production that ordered quantities of fabric are not completely used up within one capsule. There are several reasons for this - on the one hand, a small "buffer" is always calculated, the so-called waste, and on the other hand, fabric can sometimes be saved through subsequent optimization during digital cutting. But what to do if valuable remnants remain - even if they are small? Much too good to throw away, we think!"

That's how the idea of an exclusive limited edition line was born - Helene Galwas REBORN. We try to reuse everything that has ever been left over in order to increase the sustainability factor and to stand out from the critics of the fast fashion industry. This respect for the raw material and its elaborate production processes is crucial for us.

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