Exclusive insights - what it was like at our last photo shoot

Model Vlada Smahina and photographer Wolfgang Gruber skillfully stage our fashion

Last week was (almost) all about the photo shoot for new product images for our online store. Our model Vlada Smahina and photographer Wolfgang Gruber formed an outstanding team that presented the products in an appealing way. Vlada impressed with her charisma and professionalism in front of the camera, while Wolfgang's flair for light and fashion made every outfit shine perfectly.

This was the second time that Vlada has been in front of the camera for us. She already worked with us in 2023 for the presentation of Capsule 7 HEAT. Her experience and familiarity with our fashion style enabled her to present the current collection with ease and elegance.

In addition to the product images for our online store, glamorous red carpet looks were also photographed. These are not available to buy, the dresses were created by Helene Galwas especially for the red carpet and can be rented by actresses and celebrities especially for the occasion. 

We are thrilled with the results and can't wait to present these beautiful images in our online store soon.