Style it like Helene

A closet full of favorite pieces, easy to combine and always dressed appropriately for every occasion - no problem for our designer Helene! Today she shows us how versatile an item of clothing can be combined. She wears our "ISABEL" shirt blouse and combines it five new ways 🤩

  1. Chic for every occasion: Helene combines the "ISABEL" shirt blouse with a yellow mini skirt and white sandals for a casual yet chic look. One side of the blouse falling out of the skirt gives the outfit that certain something.

  2. Romantic look with ruffled skirt Katja: Helene combines the "ISABEL" with the ruffled skirt "KATJA" for a romantic and feminine look. The skirt gives the outfit a playful touch, while the shirt blouse lends the look a sporty elegance. A loose knot at the front of the blouse creates a casual yet stylish look.

  3. Shirt blouse with a difference: For a sophisticated and modern look, Helene styles "ISABEL" unbuttoned in a wrap look and tucked into the trousers. This technique gives the outfit a chic yet casual touch, creating a stylish look for day or evening.

  4. Extravagant look with transparent Gerit trousers and Gemma blazer: Helene shows us an elegant yet modern look by combining the "ISABEL" shirt blouse with the transparent "GERIT" trousers and our chic "GEMMA" blazer. The sheer trousers add a sophisticated touch to the outfit, while the blazer adds a professional touch. This look is perfect for days when you want to look stylish and confident.

  5. Casual and chic with jeans: For a casually elegant everyday look, Helene combines "ISABEL" with jeans and white sneakers. This outfit is perfect for days when you want to dress comfortably but still look chic. The contrast between the loose fit of the blouse and the jeans makes for an interesting and modern look.

With "ISABEL" in your closet, the possibilities are endless. It is a real must-have and a versatile piece that reinvents itself time and time again. Whether you're out for a casual day, going to the office, enjoying the weekend or a special occasion, the Isabel shirt blouse will always accompany you in style.

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